I’m No Expert, But I’m Learning Everyday

If you’ve talked to me at all this semester, I’ve probably mentioned by current internship at the ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain. I’ve been working as their marketing and social media intern and absolutely loving it. I am dreading the day this internship ends, and I can feel it coming quickly.

As I reflect on all the projects I’ve been apart of, one of my favorites is photography! One of the things about working in social media is that the platforms are changing and the trends are changing even faster. One thing that is becoming more necessary is quality! No one but a Kardashian is getting away with low quality Instagram pictures anymore. So in order to help with monitoring ECHO’s social media channels, my bosses at ECHO thrust a Canon Rebel T3 in my direction and said “Have at it!”

Here are the pictures that I have taken that I am most proud of:

Lake Champlain from the balcony of the ECHO Leahy Center.

Look at that gorgeous view! I fumbled around the camera during those first couple of weeks, but after a few weeks I grew in confidence.

Shacksbury Cider was one of many local business that participated in our kickoff to Vermont Cider Week.

My supervisor Jessie put a lot of trust in me when she tasked me with covering my first big event while she was on vacation. ECHO does a series of events geared toward an older crowd titled AfterDark. Earlier in the smester, we hosted FeBREWary Gets Juiced with the Vermont Cider Association. Without a doubt this is the best picture from the whole night, and I’m surprised this turned out as good as it did. I struggled with understanding things like ISO and aperture, and I was running around asking everyone I knew if they could help me with the camera settings. Overall my night was a huge learning curve.

One of the mud puppies that you can visit at the ECHO Leahy Center.

After that night, I asked for a dedicated photography tutorial from Jessie. I’ve always wanted to learn more about how to use a camera, but it always seemed daunting. Thankfully Jessie used to do photography work for local newspapers, so when I expressed interest, we jumped straight into the thick of it. I’ve learned so much along the way!

For instance the above mud puppy is one of the many animals at ECHO! He never really comes out much, so I felt lucky to snap a good picture.

XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness allows you to write all of your sadness down and shred it. It can then become part of the exhibit!


This stinkpot turtle greeted me every morning on my way to my desk. I’ve affectionately named him Oscar.

Obligatory turtle picture! If you didn’t take a turtle picture, did you really go to ECHO?

The kinetic sand was a fan favorite with our patrons.

Look at that soft blur! This girl learned how to use the manual focus points.

You can find this in our Voice of the Lake exhibit. This display mimics the growth of life on a sunken boat in Lake Champlain.

Last but not least, one of my favorite pictures from the whole semester. I’m just so obsessed with the pretty colors!

I’m so happy with the progression of my work, and I have a feeling this might have sparked a new love affair.

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