The Great Eggsventure: Part One

In the last few weeks since moving in, one of the things my new roommate Bessie and I have bonded over is our love of eggs. Hard-boiled. Scrambled. Poached. You name it, and we probably like it. You may call us weird, but how do you expect us to start off our day right without them?

We discovered that on top of this mutual love for eggs, we both have a special place in our hearts for eggs benedict. So what better way to celebrate our love than an adventure around our little city for the best eggs benny we can find. Thus ensues the Great Eggsventure!


I took to BlackMarket-U, a Facebook page started by alumni of Champlain College that allows local college students to buy, sell, and connect on campus and in the community. You can buy someone’s entire living room when they move or help someone find a lost dog. More importantly, however, you can get recommendations. This is where I started our hunt and oh boy did my local community deliver. About three days after posting, I had gathered a list of thirty restaurants.

First up was the Guilty Plate in Colchester. This suggestion may have been about a twenty minute drive, but according to the 10+ people on the Black Market-U who lead me here, it was worth the drive.

The little restaurant is a bit unassuming from the outside, but inside it has a 1950’s charm without being too in your face. Its pretty clear that they have a lively regular crowd willing to come back since we had to wait about twenty minutes. When we were finally seated our server was really kind and attentive, and the service was fast.

After I tried my food, the recommendations and the wait time made sense. I ordered the classic eggs benedict with sausage on an English muffin paired with their home fries. One bite in and I knew it was exactly what I needed to start that wonderful warm weekend off right.

The eggs were poached the perfect amount, and hollandaise sauce that topped it was incredible. I would say that I would have liked more seasoning, but that was easily fixed with the salt and pepper on the table. The potatoes were nice a crispy, and I think the hot sauce I used elevated them without taking away from the seasoning that they use.

Overall this was a great recommendation that I would take again. Definitely enjoyed this first leg on the Eggsventure. Stay tuned for my next one!

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