Professional Values Statement


In this modern era, we are inundated with messaging on an almost constant basis, and what we do as marketing professionals has real impact on our culture. It can be a commentary on everything from pop culture to our country’s socioeconomic status. Like in the case of influencing society’s attitude towards smoking, marketing is powerful.

It is therefore our duty to be thoughtful about our contributions to this field. I stand with marketers who are focused on social good: who are influencing our attitudes, encouraging progress, and building trust.

Inspired by the official Statement of Ethics by the American Marketing Association, I have altered their statement to reflect my own. I believe in the following values in order to foster a culture of positivity in marketing:

Responsibility: To act with accountability for my actions, and be logical and conscientious in my work. To strive for service of others and consider all impacted parties in every decision.

Authenticity: To represent myself and the brands I work with in a fashion that communicates on all levels their true nature and beliefs. To listen to stakeholder needs and be genuine in marketing to them.

Transparency: To be open and upfront with the individuals that I come in contact with in both a professional and personal capacity. To distribute knowledge that impacts stakeholders accordingly.

Respect: To live and work to give recognition to all. To understand that individuals are unique and so are their experiences, and recognize when others are at a systematic disadvantaged in the way society grants them dignity.

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